Binsted Fete Photography Competition

The Photography Competition at Binsted Fete attracts entries from far and wide. In 2019 we even introduced a new innovative online category of ‘Most Liked’. Little did we know that 2020 might all be online! We hope to be back LIVE on Binsted Rec for this year – see the 2021 categories lower down this page.

We have separate awards for Junior photographers, Novices (first time competition entrants), and more experienced Snappers! With the coverted “Silver Camera” being awarded to the overall best Photographer.

2019 & 2020 Photography Category Winners were featured on the front cover of an edition of the Bentley & Binsted Parish Magazine – some in print, and some on the Digital editions during the lockdowns

2021’s Photography Categories

  • The Future Is Now

    This is 130 years since the first Binsted Horticultural Show in 1891. What would they think about this future? What has the last 12 months made you think about your future? Let your imagination run wild.

  • Best of Binsted

    With a Parish that covers around 7000 acres there is no shortage of beauty, from its wildlife to the variety of landscapes and the array of listed buildings. They say a picture can say a thousand words, can you capture a photo that radiates Binsted?

  • Generations

    Since Joseph Nicéphore Niépce invented photography in 1826, our memories have been documented and shared throughout our generations. Could you use this category as an opportunity to share those beautiful memories?

  • Selfie

    The first ever ‘selfie’ was taken in 1839 by Robert Cornelius, but certainly not on a smartphone! What was once used as a close up of one’s expression is now used to share a moment. What moment will you share?

  • Sport

    If your passion is sport, being competitive is within your DNA. From the green of the pitch to the red of a bullseye, where there are sports there is great passion and fantastic photo opportunities. What have you captured?

  • From Dusk till Dawn

     As eve approaches so the sun provides a ‘magic hour’ painting the world in beautiful hues and offering some truly picturesque opportunities. This category is a test of your ability to utilise lighting to capture the best shot between dusk and dawn.

  • Lockdown through the Lens ‘Part 2&3’

    What was your stand out memory from the recent lockdowns? From Royston ‘Aerosmith’ Hopcroft’s amazing hairstyle, to new pets, new hobbies and beyond. We want to see your photo that shows your experience of lockdown.

How to Enter the Photography Show 

1 – In person – registrations can be submitted on Thursday 1st July 2021 between 6pm – 8pm at the Marquee on Binsted Recreational Ground with an entry form.

2 – Online via the form below  [entries open now with deadline 8pm 1st July 2021] You can share your photo online, but Judging (as long as we have a LIVE fete) will be of Physical Copies of Photos in the Main Marquee on 3rd July 2021

3 – By postal / hand delivery – c/o Chris Daniel, 5 Thurstons, Binsted, GU34 4PD. [to be received latest 1st July 2021]

ONLY children’s entries may be made on the day of the show (before 10am).

PLEASE NOTE: The Marquee will be closed from 10am for judging.

  1. Entry Fee: £0.50p per class (Children’s entries are FREE) – payment in cash, cheques made out to “Binsted Fete & Flower Show”, or via Bank Transfer – Lloyds acc number 00021109 // sort code 30-99-09 [use surname as reference]
  2. Please write on the back of your entry; Your Name, Category, and state if “novice” (never entered before) or “junior” (for under 16)
  3. All photos must be mounted on or under a piece of card or stiff paper or printed with a plain border (this is for ease of exhibiting so that pins do not damage the photograph)
  4. Maximum mount size is A5 (half an A4 sheet of paper) 14.8 x 21cm
  5. Only one entry per person per class
  6. A print may be entered in one class only
  7. All photographs must have been taken and, if relevant, digitally manipulated by the exhibitor
  8. The print must be from a single original image and not be a compilation of two or more images
  9. Images may be colour or monochrome and any type of camera may be used

All trophies may be held for one year. We would be very grateful if you could engrave your name on the trophy(s) you have won, and return them to the committee ahead of next year’s event.

Please contact Matt Arrowsmith on 07717750035 if you hold a trophy.