Binsted Horticultural Show / Fete and Flower Show

This annual event was mentioned first in the Binsted School Log Book in 1893. At that time, the Show used the Schoolrooms, which meant that no School could be held on those days and the Head Teacher made an entry in the Log Book to say so. Here is the first extract:

26 July 1893                “Flower Show and Fete. The children competed with dressed dolls and wild flowers.”

The photo shows Binsted School Hall laid out with produce from a Flower Show. The year is unknown, but as it is before the hall was partitioned into the classrooms we see today, it must be from the late 1800’s or early 1900’s

A beautifully kept bound notebook has been found in the Parish Council Records, as you can see from the images above it contains the meeting minutes from the Binsted Village’s Horticultural Show from 1897 through to 1913. Some pages were removed prior to this inscription (perhaps while the notebooks owner used it for a different purpose?) but the ‘front’ page spread appears to be the accounts from 1891/92 with clear text suggesting that “First Show Held at Binsted 1891” – Wow – that makes Binsted Fete 130 Years Old!

What an amazing find, an original poster advertising the 1914 Binsted ‘Annual Show of Vegetables, Fruit and Flowers’ 

25th July 1959 – Binsted Fete on the Recreation Ground

Billy Munday (1895-1981) and his wife Mary, nee Newman (1896-1980). 

They are holding the ‘Challenge Cup’ which was awarded to the Best Kept Garden! Don’t they look happy with their Trophy? 

We’ve been given some photos from the 2006 Fete – It looks like lots of fun being had. Do you recognise anyone? Why not help us put names to faces