2020 Virtual Fete – Saturday 1st August

We stepped into the unknown in 2020… and went into the Virtual world! We wanted to provide an outlet for all your hard work during the past year. We wanted to celebrate your green fingers, baking, craft work, Photography and of course your four legged friends. 

This was different – we were only be able to judge via photos of your entries. That meant sadly the category for “Scented Rose” had to be put on hold for a year. 

Take a look at the Winners across the Flower, Photo and Dog Shows NOW

Section A: Vegetables, Fruit, Flowers and Plants (1 Photo per entry)

Cat 1-22 Displayed on a white round dinner plate

  1. Vegetables, 4 kinds
  2. Vegetables, 3 kinds of salad vegetables
  3. Soft fruit, a dish of 18 of 3 kinds 
  4. Gooseberries, dish of 10.
  5. Rhubarb, 3 sticks 
  6. Peas, dish of 5 pods.
  7. Broad beans, dish of 5 pods.
  8. Runner beans, dish of 5 pods.
  9. French beans, dish of 6 pods.
  10. Carrots, bunch of 5.
  11. Beetroot, 3 roots leaves trimmed and tied with raffia
  12. Potatoes, dish of 5 any kind
  13. Cabbage, 2 heads.
  14. Lettuce, 2 heads.
  15. Onions, 2
  16. Tomatoes, dish of 3,
  17. Cucumbers, 2 – displayed next to a ruler or tape measure 
  18. Herbs, bunch of 3 kinds, 9 stems
  19. Any vegetable not mentioned above.
  20. Children’s class: any exhibit from classes 1 to 19 grown and presented by someone aged 16 or under. 
  21. Novelty class: Ugliest Vegetable
  22. Novelty class: Rudest Vegetable
  23. Sweet peas, vase of 9 stems, mixed colours.
  24. Roses, 3 stems large headed type.
  25. Dahlias, vase of 5, one or more varieties.
  26. Annuals, vase of 5 stems
  27. Flowering perennials, 3 or more kinds, 9 stems.
  28. Fuchsia, 6 heads
  29. Children’s class: any exhibit from classes 21 to 28 grown and staged by someone 16 or under.

Section B: Flower Arrangements (1 Photo per entry)

 This section includes flowers which you can buy rather than grow

  1. An arrangement depicting the theme ’Wildlife’ using flowers, foliage and accessories. No bigger than 60 x60 cm 
  2. A Posy you would give to a loved one. Any colours or materials. No bigger than 40x40cms any height. To be displayed in water. 
  3. Miniature arrangement depicting the theme ‘Wildlife’. No bigger than 10x10cm any height and any container.
  4. Children’s class: any arrangement of garden flowers by someone 16 or under. 

Section C: Domestic Produce (1 Photo per entry)   

Bakes – all about the looks!

  1. Decorated cake with a “Wildlife” theme (only decoration judged)
  2. 6 decorated cupcakes with a “Wildlife” theme (only decoration judged)
  3. 6 Wildlife Themed Biscuits (of any variety)
  4. A fruit tart
  5. 6 cheese scones
  6. A matter of Loaf and Death – Creative Bread  

 Section D: Arts and Crafts (1 Photo per entry)

  1. Any hand-knitted or crocheted item
  2. An item of needlecraft
  3. A homemade greeting card
  4. A piece of jewellery
  5. An item of any other handicraft
  6. Bug House
  7. Scarecrow 

Section E: Children’s Competition (1 Photo per entry)

Children are welcome to enter any class they like, but these are just for kids, so step away Mum and Dad!

Under 5 years

  1. A vegetable model of Wildlife
  2. An A4 design for 2021 Theme 

5 to 7 years

  1. A vegetable model of wildlife
  2. A Miniature garden
  3. An A4 design for 2021 Theme

8 to 11 years

  1. A vegetable model of Wildlife 
  2. A Miniature Wildflower garden
  3. An A4 design for 2021 Theme

12 to 15 years

  1. A headdress on the theme ‘Wildlife’
  2. An A4 design for 2021 Theme
  3. 45 Things in a match box